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Verge raises 75 million XVG in donations, thanks to TokenPay

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The Verge Development team has successfully raised 75 million XVG in donations from its community members and partners. The total amount raised surpassed 75 million about four hours ago and is now currently standing at 76.20 million.

verge raised 75 million XVG successfully


TokenPay, a major Verge Partner, played a crucial role in helping the drive reach its goal by donating a majority of the required funds and offering to match donations from community members.

The development team is supposed to announce the much heralded partnership tomorrow through a video published on Youtube.

However, many community members seem to be upset at the team holding the announcement off for tonight, especially when March 26 was heavily stressed as the deadline and reaching the goal by then should have guaranteed the partnership.

Their previous statement calling for community members to donate caused a lot of debates on Reddit and other social networks. Although the first few days saw a lukewarm response from community members, the drive gained momentum in the last 6 hours and saw overwhelming support from both holders and partners.

TokenPay, who donated 15 million XVG at the very beginning, announced to match all donations exceeding 50 thousand XVG from community members earlier this morning. Later during the day, they announced to fill the entire gap if the community succeeded in raising 15 million XVG. As it now stands, they ended up putting in a total of 66.50 million XVG, almost 89 percent of the 75 million XVG required.

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