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Cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology has been around for a couple years now but it has just recently been thrust into the mainstream spotlight, and now, it's headed for space. Blockchain and NASA In late 2017, NASA awarded a three-year grant, worth

From the news Roger Ver, one of the early Bitcoin adapters, has been riding the Bitcoin Cash Train over time. But citing reliable metrics that Bitcoin is on a decline, he continues to assert that Ethereum is likely to be the king

BTC/USD Figure 1: BTC/USD-Daily Chart-25.02.2018 To better grasp price development of BTC, it’s better to take a top-down approach and take a look at the weekly chart. Here, you notice two things. The first is that explosion of price beginning January 2017,

On January 17, 2018, the cryptocurrency market almost unanimously plummeted by around 20 to 40 percent and almost erased any progress made by the industry in terms of market capitalization within the past couple of months. Bitcoin, the world’s most

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