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How to buy Verge coins

How to buy Verge coins

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Verge is one of the leading cryptocurrencies, and it is listed among the Top 50 coins by market capitalization. Verge gives the user the benefit of anonymity of transactions, and instant transfers are supported. Since the details of each transaction are hidden, the user cannot be traced, and this appeals to a lot of users. Here’s how to buy Verge coins. 

How to Buy Verge Coins

To buy Verge, you need to make use of one of the dominant base cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. In this case, you need to buy Bitcoin, and exchange it for Verge. To buy verge, you need to use the two-step procedure:

  1. Buy Bitcoin
  2. Exchange Bitcoin for verge

Buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin With Debit /Credit Card, Skrill or PayPal

It is possible to buy BTC directly using a credit or debit card, PayPal or Skrill. You will need to open a Coinbase or Changelly account to do this.

To open a Coinbase account:

Step 1: Sign up

Setting up Coinbase account

  • You need to sign up on Coinbase to use the platform
  • On Coinbase homepage, click on the ‘sign up ‘tab
  • The ‘create an account ‘ page will be displayed

Create a coinbase account

  • Complete the boxes and hit the ‘create account ‘ tab
  • Check your inbox for a  verification link
  • Click on the verification link to complete your account opening.

Step 2: ID Verification

  • Click on the Coinbase homepage icon
  • Locate your profile link and click o it
  • This is the time to verify  your ID
  • Upload your ID documents
  • The available options for verification will appear
  • Upload the ID you have available
  • Your ID will be verified
  • An email confirmation will be sent to you.

Step 3: Buy Bitcoin

  • Go to Coinbase homepage and log in
  • At the top of your dashboard, click on ‘buy/sell tab’
  • The supported currencies will be displayed as follows

The supported currencies displayed.

  • Click on BTC as shown above
  • On the drop-down menu for payment, select your preferred option
  • Fill in the amount of BTC you are buying using the USD column
  • Click on the ‘’buy BTC instantly “ tab
  • Confirm the transaction on the pop-up

Confirm the transaction

  • Hit the ‘confirm Buy’ tab
  • The BTC you bought will be right in your wallet as shown by the green indicator below

The recently bought Bitcoin will appear here.

Exchange Bitcoin for Verge

The next step is to exchange Bitcoin for verge, and this is only possible after you open an account with an exchange like Binance.

With an access to email, anyone else is eligible for a Binance account. You need to follow the procedures shown below:

  • Navigate to Binance homepage
  • Click on the registration tab

  • On the registration page, fill in the required details
  • Provide a referral code if you have one, or leave the space blank
  • Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click on the ‘Register ‘ tab  to submit your entry
  • Check your inbox to verify your account opening
  • Activate your Google Authenticator by filling in the 2FA details
  • An SMS code will be sent to your phone after you enter your phone number in the space provided on your user page
  • On the profile page, fill in the provided code
  • Activate Google 2FA by scanning the barcode shown with your mobile phone
  • Upload your ID using the space provided
  • You will be notified when your ID is verified
  • While you wait for verification, you can go ahead to buy any token of your choice on Binance.

Funding Your Binance Account

What is next is to send the Bitcoin you bought on Coinbase to Binance.  

Here is what you need to do:

  • Login to your  Binance account
  • Locate the ‘ funds’  tab
  • Click on it
  • The display bar will reveal the tabs  like this: Balances> Deposits> Withdrawals >Trade History
  • Click on the  deposits tab
  • To your left-side of the  screen, a drop-down menu is shown
  • Select the currencies
  • Identify BTC and click on it
  • Your BTC wallet address will be revealed

Your bitcoin wallet

  • Copy the BTC wallet using ‘CTRL C’

Return to Coinbase

  • Access your account by logging in
  • Go to your BTC wallet
  • Locate the ‘send’ tab and click on it
  • The wallet address tab for the recipient will be displayed
  • Paste the wallet address you copied from Binance in the space provided
  • Use “CTRL V” to paste to avoid errors
  • As a safeguard, take a second look at the first and last letters of your wallet address to confirm its validity
  • Fill in the amount of BTC you want to send
  • Click on the ‘confirm’ tab to submit the transaction
  • The BTC will be on its way to your Binance wallet.

Back to Binance

  • Go to your Binance homepage and log in
  • Click on ‘funds’
  • Check ‘Balances’ to confirm if the sent BTC is in there
  • Click on the ‘Exchange” tab

Click the exchange tab

  • The drop-down menu will reveal ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ tabs
  • Click on the Basic tab
  • The markets display page will be revealed
  • In the top-right corner, the favorites or trading pairs will be shown

The trading pairs are shown here

  • Click on BTC
  • The various BTC pairs will be displayed
  • Select XVG/BTC  by scrolling down
  • Click on the row for XVG/BTC
  • The transaction tab will display at the mid-lower level of the page
  • There, you will see ‘Stop-Limit’, ‘Market’ and ‘Limit’
  • Click on ‘Market’
  • Enter the amount of XVG you are buying using the  ‘Amount ‘ row
  • On the Price row, it will automatically select the prevailing market price since you clicked on the Market module
  • Click on submit underneath your ‘Buy’ tab
  • Your transaction will be completed in a few minutes
  • You can now go to the top of the dashboard and click on ‘funds’
  • On the ‘Balances’ tab, click to reveal the transactions
  • Your Verge coins will be shown.

Exchanges where you can buy Verge

You can buy Verge on:

  • Binance
  • Changelly
  • GDAX
  • Poloniex
  • Kucoin, etc.

Having completed your Verge purchase, you can decide to store it in a wallet by downloading one from the Verge website. Purchasing Verge coins isn’t a difficult process and the only remaining question is how many to buy. 

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