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A NY-based law firm launches cryptocurrency litigation tracker

Cryptocurrency litigation tracker launched by New York-based law firm

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With the vast number of cryptocurrency related litigations currently ongoing, one New York law firm has taken it upon themselves to develop and launch a cryptocurrency litigation tracker to keep tabs on all of them.

The law firm Morrison Cohen LLP developed a system, dubbed Moco Cryptocurrency Litigation Tracker, which provides a list of information on each current litigation case that involves a cryptocurrency company in U.S law courts.

Currently, the tracker has 63 legal proceedings on the list. They’re arranged in chronological order and sorted based on the class of litigation it belongs to. Each case also has links which direct users to documents pertaining to that litigation case. Of the 63 cases on the tracker, 27 are classified as ‘Cease and Desist Orders,’ and 24 as ‘Class Action Lawsuits.

The litigation tracker does have some big industry players on the list who are currently embroiled in court actions. These include Coinbase, Ripple Labs, Bitconnect, Bitfinex and Satoshi Dice among them.

The tracker is also expected to track regulatory pronouncements of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and the New York State Department of Financial Services, in addition to other regulatory announcements such as those made by executive order.

By having a litigation tracker available to the public, this allows those in the cryptocurrency industry an opportunity to track how current cryptocurrency litigations could affect their own companies, and steer clear of the problem that plagued that company, or possibly sway someone from investing money in a cryptocurrency company.

The tracker, which was launch in January, will keep a running list of all cryptocurrency related litigation cases. And with the cryptocurrency community ever-evolving, it can be tough to navigate all the cryptocurrency and blockchain regulations, so the tracker aids in that regard.

That Morrison Cohen developed the tracker should come as no surprise as the law firm specializes in cryptocurrency and blockchain litigation.

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