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With the vast number of cryptocurrency related litigations currently ongoing, one New York law firm has taken it upon themselves to develop and launch a cryptocurrency litigation tracker to keep tabs on all of them. The law firm Morrison Cohen LLP

The FBI is warning consumers when seeking technical support as would-be scammers are posing as customer service representatives in an attempt to defraud unwilling individuals, including those needing assistance and support with cryptocurrency. The scam, known as Tech Support Fraud, was

Internet giants, Google, Facebook, and Twitter will soon be fighting off a lawsuit regarding their banning of cryptocurrency ads on their platforms, according to local Russian news outlet TASS. The class action lawsuit is being brought on by cryptocurrency and blockchain

After the cryptocurrency market’s meteoric growth in late 2017, it is clear that the asset class has come under increased scrutiny by lawmakers around the world. Aspects of taxation, value transferability and legality are all issues that need to be

For most people, cryptocurrency taxes are often an afterthought, with some newer investors not even realizing that their gains are taxable. The general unawareness of tax liability among the general public has actually persisted for quite some time now, despite cryptocurrency-related

The future of New York’s much-criticized BitLicense is uncertain amidst mounting public pressure. Several concerns have been raised over the inherently intrusive nature of the program, with some even believing that a complete overhaul is in order. More recently, a legislator

A bill introduced in Illinois could soon allow state residents to pay their taxes using cryptocurrency. Illinois State Representative Michael J. Zalewski introduced Ilinois House Bill 5335 on March 5. The bill, assigned to the state's Revenue & Finance committee, proposes

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