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Brickblock is a blockchain project that attempts to bridge blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with real-world value. Through its smart contract platform, Brickblock allows users to invest in and sell tokenized assets, or assets represented and backed by Brickblock’s Proof of Asset

In another bright turn of events for cryptocurrency, famed international development fund UNICEF Australia has announced its decision to use cryptocurrency mining to raise donations for Rohingya refugee children in need in Bangladesh. Instead of mining cryptocurrency themselves, UNICEF Australia has

Omisego is a platform that allows its user's free access to the Omisego Network and Digital Wallet Framework. It is a platform that aims to unbank the banked from financial institutions and their bank account with the Ethereum network. What is

Most children have little tangible experience with money and budgeting until they grow up. And even then, a large segment of the young adult population lacks basic financial literacy. Pigzbe, a new blockchain-based platform, however, believes it can change all

With the cryptocurrency market skyrocketing terms of valuation and back on track to be a trillion dollar industry, the world has finally started paying attention to the underlying technology that powers it, commonly known as blockchain. Originally introduced purely as a

Blockchain technology has started to be implemented — or set to be implemented —  in many industries, such as finance and retail to name a few, and more will industries are set to jump on the bandwagon. And now it

Thirteen cryptocurrency exchanges are now under the microscope of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who has launched an inquiry into their policies and practices, according to a statement released by his office. Schneiderman's office sent letters to Coinbase, Bitfinex,

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