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Even if China is thawing to the idea of blockchain and creation of smart economies as NEO suggests, the cryptocurrency market upsides, as it is, remain restricted. Yes, there is potential for further expansion but unless buyers manage to gain

Ever since distributed ledger technology - or blockchain - debuted with the release of the world’s first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, in 2009, experts have believed that it is a perfect fit for a number of different industries ranging from banking to

Most children have little tangible experience with money and budgeting until they grow up. And even then, a large segment of the young adult population lacks basic financial literacy. Pigzbe, a new blockchain-based platform, however, believes it can change all

With the cryptocurrency market skyrocketing terms of valuation and back on track to be a trillion dollar industry, the world has finally started paying attention to the underlying technology that powers it, commonly known as blockchain. Originally introduced purely as a

Blockchain technology has started to be implemented — or set to be implemented —  in many industries, such as finance and retail to name a few, and more will industries are set to jump on the bandwagon. And now it

Walmart, one of the world's largest retailers, is jumping on the blockchain technology bandwagon, according to patents that were released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The retail giant filed two patents in 2017 with both referencing a blockchain-powered

In this era of data manipulation and concerns over the accuracy of information, a flawless verification mechanism is invaluable and this is where Factom comes in. What is Factom? Factom is a platform built on top of blockchain networks such as Bitcoin. It

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