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Spanish banking giant Santander has recently launched a new service, based on blockchain technology, that allows customers to complete international transfers on the same day or by the next day. Additionally, the service lets customers see the exact amount one

Blockchain technology is the driving force that makes cryptocurrency work and industries outside of the digital currency community are starting to take notice and implement it for their own use. The technology can be described as an open, distributed ledger that

Shivom, a new blockchain startup, is looking to provide a platform for the mass storage and subsequent analysis of genetic data. It follows in the steps of many other industries that want to make use of blockchain technology.  From the company’s

Cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology has been around for a couple years now but it has just recently been thrust into the mainstream spotlight, and now, it's headed for space. Blockchain and NASA In late 2017, NASA awarded a three-year grant, worth

Over the course of this report we aim to explore the potential long-term value of the ICX coin; and more importantly whether it will recover from its recent downturn in value, or if hodlers be riding this one down to

There are already multiple stocks in the market that focus exclusively on bitcoins and/or other cryptocurrencies. We are also seeing some traditional companies pouncing on the 'bitcoin', 'blockchain' hype and taking decisions that has little to do with their core

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