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In the past week we have been bullish considering the fundamental events in Bitcoin, EOS and Ethereum. At the same time, technical developments at IOTA after the release of Qubic framework is all but bullish. However, despite all these, bears

It’s a depreciation all around the crypto world. Bitcoin, the anchor cryptocurrency, for example, is down 14 percent in the last seven days but stable in the last 24 hours. Going forward and considering the influence of Bitcoin to alt

Prices are turning for the better for Bitcoin and altcoin owners. After a period of incessant bear pressure in last week, we are seeing greens as coins appreciate. In my view, Bitcoin and Ethereum hold the key for better altcoin

There is an across the board coin depreciation in Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Coincidentally, these are pioneers of cryptocurrencies and as long as Bitcoin is down, the same is likely to be replayed in Ethereum and Litecoin. On the other

This week, Bitcoin Cash hard fork should be the focus of the week. Maybe its bad coincidence but this is a hard fork happening right in the middle of a strong bear market. Mind you, despite Bitcoin Cash being a

Today, we are likely to see higher highs as lead regulatory officials from Asia and America revealed what they think about restrictive cryptocurrency regulations. It's likely that because of this, we are seeing recoveries in Bitcoin and Ethereum with the

After a week in the cold, IOTA is recovering and is now in the top 10. Apart from Litecoin and Ethereum, IOTA is one of the few coins that are likely to expand in the coming days as its price

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