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There is a general market slide. The fact is cryptos are down more than $20 billion in the last 24 hours alone. So, while many insist that these are definite long coverings considering the consistently low prices accompanying these long

Overall, prices are on the rise. As we can see from the charts, Bitcoin prices are appreciating hauling with it other coins as Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and NEO. At the same time, Ethereum is also rising and keeping up with

We expect cryptocurrency fireworks this weekend as EOS and Tron launch their mainnet. While the general aura is positive, the discovery of a smart contract flaw in EOS by a Chinese security company 360 raises more questions than answers at

It’s a depreciation all around the crypto world. Bitcoin, the anchor cryptocurrency, for example, is down 14 percent in the last seven days but stable in the last 24 hours. Going forward and considering the influence of Bitcoin to alt

All in all, most coins under our focus are on a slide having broken our previous key support. IOTA and EOS are some of them with Litecoin movements more pronounced following that spike below $130. I’m not bearish on Litecoin

The cryptocurrency industry is booming and competition is getting higher by the day. Many centralized exchanges have the same features and offer services to their customers such as trading fees and no tradable currencies. However, Cobinhood is here to turn

Prices are turning for the better for Bitcoin and altcoin owners. After a period of incessant bear pressure in last week, we are seeing greens as coins appreciate. In my view, Bitcoin and Ethereum hold the key for better altcoin

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