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<p>Courtesy NSW Government</p>

Courtesy NSW Government

Gaming Barangaroo

A timeline of development along the ‘hungry mile’.

2003 NSW State Government announces that disused former docklands of East Darling Harbour will be redeveloped into urban precinct.

2005 International urban design competition attracts 139 entries. Winning design announced in March 2006 is centred around a new, 11-hectare urban park, “an inalienable public place belonging to the citizens of Sydney”.

February 2007 NSW government releases concept plan with residential and commercial buildings incorporated, based on the winning proposal.

November 2008 Barangaroo Delivery Authority formed to manage redevelopment of the site.

25 February 2009 Government announces an additional 120,000 square metres of commercial space (over one-third more than in the original plan) to improve project’s commercial viability.

August 2009 Government invites Brookfield Multiplex and Lend Lease to submit detailed bids.

20 December 2009Lend Lease contracted to deliver Stage One of the program.

22 September 2010 Sydney Mayor Clover Moore resigns from the project board, claiming “the public is being railroaded on this project”.

December 2010 Concept plan is dramatically modified to increase floor space and height of commercial properties on the site, and to reclaim land in Sydney harbour for “landmark building”.

6 May 2011 Former Prime Minister Paul Keating resigns from Barangaroo Design Excellence Review panel, claiming he is being “muzzled”.

8 August 2011 New O'Farrell government concludes review of the project, finding it to be ‘worthwhile’ and to have ‘valid planning consent’. The Premier says he has “never supported the concept of building the hotel over the harbour”, and if Lend Lease were to relocate the hotel on solid ground “it would be a significant demonstration of goodwill”. Lend Lease indicates that they are willing to discuss the location of the hotel.

February 2012 Crown Limited announces plans to build casino in Central Barangaroo, receives support from O'Farrell.

2 August 2012 Crown and Lend Lease agree to develop a six-star hotel resort at Barangaroo South, that incorporates “a VIP only gaming facility”. Crown Limited lodges an “unsolicited proposal” with the NSW government to develop the site with a $1 billion, six-star hotel, allowing them to bypass a tender process.

25 October 2012 The Crown proposal receives first approvals and moves to Stage Two, where “the net benefits of granting a gaming licence at Barangaroo” will be comprehensively assessed by project team with independent chair.

3 November 2012 Former Commonwealth Bank chief executive and ex-head of the Australian Future Fund David Murray is appointed the independent chair of the Stage Two assessment team.

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by Charlotte

Is there a petition somewhere? Why isn't the public involved in the debate?

January 16, 2013 @ 11:39am
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by Peter Best

The public doesn't have the money.

January 25, 2013 @ 6:09am
by Richard

What we seem to being told is that to fund a 6 star hotel Crown has to have a casino. So what's the problem with a 5 star hotel and no casino ? Has the O'Farrel government had that costed?

February 2, 2013 @ 10:40pm
by Timothy Webster

Save Sydney's postcard views from being dominated by the erection of Mr Packers Casino Tower



We might not have money, but the public have strength in numbers and big money knows this.

February 21, 2013 @ 8:40pm
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